Children's Museum

10 am–5 pm Daily


Spring Break Camps

Kids off from school and you're not sure how to keep them busy? Sign them up for Spring Break Camp!

Spring Break Adventure Camp | April 6 - 10 & April 13
Every day campers will be doing something different. We’ll dive into art, making, nature, and exploring the museum both inside and out! We’ll create things like shrinky dinks, circuits, herbal satchels, recycled material structures and more! Campers will also experience camp games, playing in the museum exhibit areas, as well as outside activities and adventures!

Camp day: 8:30 am -4:00 pm
Ages: 7-9

Cost (per camper per day):
$65 for members
$75 for nonmembers

After Care: 4:00-5:30 pm | $18 per day | requires registration

Campers must bring a packed lunch. Water and light snacks will be provided. For questions, please contact

Register Here for Spring Break Camp

Summer Camps & Studios

We're offering a whole summer of fun, creative camps at the Children's Museum, and studios at MuseumLab, in 2020! 

Camp Day, for all camps:  9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Cost (per camper per week): 
$275 for Members
$300 for Nonmembers

Before Care: 8:00 - 9:00 am | $60 
After Care: 4:00 - 5:30 pm | $90
Before and after care require registration. Please sign up when you register for camp.

Every camper must bring a packed lunch. Water and light snacks will be provided. For questions, contact

Register Here for All Summer Camps and Studios

Summer Camps at the Children's Museum

For Rising Grades 1 - 3

Big Messy Art Camp | June 15 - 19
Get ready to get messy! Put a creative spin on all of our messiest art activities. We’ll provide the apron, you bring the great ideas!

Construction Adventure Camp | June 22 - 26
Construct your dream inventions and structures using recycled materials, trinkets, art forms, and untraditional supplies.

Wet and Wild Camp | June 29 - July 3
Prepare for a fun time with water activities, wild games, and more! One of the most popular exhibits, Waterplay, will be a feature spotlight of this camp! *Campers are encouraged, but not required, to bring swimsuits, towels, and /or a change of clothes.

Let’s Move Camp | July 6 - 10
Let’s move and groove! Explore yoga poses, make a moving picture, build something that moves, and plenty of moving ourselves.

Little Picture Play Camp | July 13 - 17
Build creations and make art based on famous books and authors. Make sketchbooks, write stories, and learn new drawing techniques.

Mad Museum Explorer Camp | July 20 - 24
彩库宝典appDiscover all of the terrific museum exhibits and explore our programs! We’ll be on the go making projects and inventions, creating art, and exploring some technology. 

Art and Storytelling Camp | July 27 - 31
Use your creative voice and artistic style to express yourself through art. Art can take many different forms- campers will learn new and exciting ways to create and tell a story! 

Terrific Tinker and Build Camp | August 3 - 7
Get ready to demolish, repurpose, and build! Gain a new perspective on the world around us by examining the bits and pieces that hold the big stuff together.

Inside Outside Camp | August 10 - 14
This week, we are exploring every bit of our indoor and outdoor exhibits. Come ready to tinker, create, and play in every unique corner of our beautiful campus and neighborhood!

Super STEAM Camp | August 17 - 21
Join us for a week of our summer’s greatest hits. Build in MAKESHOP, print in the Studio, experiment with the science of cooking - we will do it all! 


For Rising Grades 3 - 5

Museum Survival Camp | June 15 - 19
彩库宝典appExplore the ins and outs of the museums and learn some helpful survival skills. Learn about natural remedies, outdoor safety, navigation, and more!

Fabulous Fiber Arts Camp  | June 22 - 26
Express your creativity through fiber, pattern, texture, and color. Explore sewing, weaving, knitting, and more.

Sculpture Design Camp | June 29 - July 3
Learn about famous sculptors and discover sculptures around the museums and in the neighborhood! Design and build your own sculptures using a wide variety of interesting supplies.

Scavenger Hunt Camp | July 6 - 10
There’s always something more to find. Learn to take a closer look and discover treasures around the Museum both inside and out!

Puppet Exploration and Design Camp | July 13 - 17
Puppets are a great way to tell a story! Design, create, and facilitate your very own puppets and puppet show! We will also explore the Studio’s newest puppet exhibit.

Sew What Camp | July 20 - 24
彩库宝典appCome one, come all to learn the needle and thread basics! In addition to learning new skills, we will look for embroidery inspiration all over our Museum exhibits and gardens.

Art Discovery Camp | July 27 - 31
Discover and be inspired by the art at the museums and around the neighborhood! Campers will learn about artists and create their own art.

Chopped: A No-Cook Cooking Challenge Camp | August 3 - 7
Join us for a week of planting, harvesting, and snacking our way through the museum gardens! We’ll try new recipes and create some new ones of our own.

Maker Mania Camp  | August 10 - 14
Let’s get ready to make! Join us for a week of our MAKESHOP’s greatest hits. We’ll build inventions and make all kinds of unique creations using materials from all around the Museum and gardens.

Game Maker Camp  | August 17 - 21
Games are a classic fun way to bring friends and families together. Do you have an idea for a brand new game of your own? Let’s plan, design, and create it!


Summer Studios at MuseumLab

For Rising Grades 6 - 8

Pixar In a Box  | June 29 - July 3
彩库宝典appImmerse into the world of Pixar Studios. Pixar in a Box was created by Pixar artists, editors, and technologists to reveal the magic behind their award-winning films. Work with a team and learn Pixar techniques for refining stories into digital storyboards that come to life.

Woodworking Studio  | July 13 - 17
Discover, learn, and experiment with woodworking tools and techniques. Design and make a functional wood project.

Digital Gaming Studio | July 20 - 24
Create your own world through interactive, digital storytelling with experts from Carnegie Mellon University, Entertainment Technology Center with virtual reality authoring tools.

Fashion Design Studio | July 27 - 31
Flaunt your flare and smashing style!  Express your creative side through fashion design.


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