Children's Museum

10 am–5 pm Daily

A young girl plays with the beads on the Nimbus Drum


Like every great attic, there's a lot to explore and learn here - plus a few surprises

In this room you can: 

  • Try your best to cross the Gravity Room, tilted at a 25° angle to the floor and sending conflicting messages to your brain.  Two twisty slides take you back down to the ground floor.  
  • Create a puppet show with our extensive puppet collection through Animateering, a virtual world capturing dozens of puppets that mimic you through a Kinect system as you move, jump and spin, and change the scenery and music.  Created in collaboration with .
  • Touch, play and explore with Dreamscapes, part of Owen Lowery's 2019 Tough Art Residency.

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  • Sort balls by color using a big turning wheel with Color Bouncer
  • Discover wondrous collections in the Cabinet of Curiosities  

The Art Here  

  • , Warhol Myth Series, by Andy Warhol
  • , Warhol Myth Series, by Andy Warhol
  • , Warhol Myth Series, by Andy Warhol
  • , Mystic Puppet from The Dark Crystal by Jim Henson Productions
  • , series of interactive graphic and soundscapes, by Owen Lowery

Design Matters

The Attic was designed to be a space with widely varying items and experiences, much like what you might find in someone’s attic.  We used a variety of colors, pattern materials and textures to encourage visitors to explore using all of their senses. 彩库宝典appWhen with common features such as color, shape and use are grouped items together, they become a collection. Collections make ordinary items special by showing how things are different in some ways and the same in others – repetition and variation are key principals in design. 

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Visiting Tips

Use the downloadable file below for tips for before and after your visit to the Attic。


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