Children's Museum

Currently Closed

Two smiling children hold leaves in their hands.


closed for the season

This interactive, outdoor exhibit provides Museum visitors with a place to connect with nature and learn about what edible plants grow in our region. The Garden is located next to the Museum entrance and grows a variety of fruits, vegetables, greens, herbs and edible flowers.

Three girls smile and show off their red radishes.

Check our calendar for a variety of seasonal garden programs, including:

  • Starting plants from seeds and seed saving
  • How to make healthy snacks
  • Understanding seasonal and local eating
  • Composting
  • Scavenger hunts for pollinators and insects 

The logo for Eatn'Park, followed by the words Garden programs are sponsored by Eat n' Park Hospitality Group.

Related Field Trips

The Permaculture Garden

This garden located outside the Big Red Room Café exit doors features blueberry, elderberry and currant bushes, paw paw trees and a variety of native flowers and medicinal and edible herbs。 Permaculture is a design practice that seeks to mimic natural systems in order to maximize sustainability and productivity and minimize upkeep。 Learn more about the practice at 。

Berry Patch and Dye Garden

The newest addition to our garden exhibits is the Berry Patch and Dye Garden, just to the right of the main entrance。 In this space we are cultivating native berry bushes, including blueberries, gooseberries, raspberries and honeyberries, as well as native plants that can be used to make natural dyes!

Design Matters

We created and maintain the Garden with many sustainable materials and practices, including:

  • Raised beds constructed from reclaimed wood
  • Plant containers made from reclaimed chimney liners
  • Mushroom manure to start the Garden's raised beds
  • Rainwater collection barrels
  • Composting system

Visiting Tips

Use the downloadable file below for visiting tips for before and after your visit to the Garden.

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