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New! Puppets: A Beautiful Fantasy

Come explore the art of puppetry through storytelling, puppet building, and performance in this new hands-on exhibit. 

Activities in the exhibit will rotate often and include:*

  • Writing a script for a puppet show and developing a cast of characters 

  • Engineering puppets using a variety of tools and techniques

  • Exploring how costumes can tell their own story

  • Performing a show at one of our puppet theaters

  • Exploring a selection of puppets from around the world

*New activities may be introduced to replace these as we prototype new ideas.

Puppets: A Beautiful Fantasy is inspired by puppets from the Children's Museum's Margo Lovelace Collection and the rich puppet history of Pittsburgh and the world.

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Special Events 

Check the Calendar of Events for special Studio activities every month, such as:

The Art Here

  • by Dick Esterle
  • puppets from the collection of Margo Lovelace
  • photos from the Curtis Theater Collection, Archives and Special Collections, University of Pittsburgh Library System 

Principles of Practice


Design Matters

The design of the Studio incorporates many sustainable features, including:

  • Original wood and terrazzo floor
  • Natural light
  • Historic stained glass windows

Related Field Trips

Visiting Tips

Use the downloadable file below for tips for before and after your visit to the Studio.


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