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Adult and child enjoying Urchin Searchin Sound from Tough Art 2017

Artist Opportunities

Over the course of the year, the Museum works with artists and invites them to participate with Museum staff and visitors in a wide variety of ways to generate interactive fine artworks。

Tough Art Residency Program

2020 Residency Update

In light of the latest statewide guidelines in Pennsylvania for COVID-19 and with the health and safety of our community in mind, we have made the difficult decision to suspend the Tough Art Residency Program for 2020。 Since we cannot confirm when the emergency orders will be lifted and the Museum will resume full operations, it is not feasible for our team to move forward with the residency as planned。  

This decision has not been an easy one and we don't take the impact it may have lightly。 We take great pride in supporting artists by hosting residencies, staging exhibitions and commissioning site-specific art works。 It saddens us to have to cut back during this challenging time。 We believe that the arts community is “tough” enough to withstand the current crisis and will continue to create artworks that inspire joy, creativity, and curiosity。  

We are looking forward to resuming the program next year and continuing the work of helping artists bring their creativity to life at Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.  

About the Program

Created in 2007, the Tough Art artist residency program connects artists from across the spectrum of all the arts to the resources and visitors at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. The residency looks to expand the skills of established and emerging artists, giving them the ability to create work for one of the toughest venues for art: a children’s museum.

Selected artists generate and implement interactive, immersive and/or collaborative projects and connect the art-making process to the larger museum context and the museum visitor。 Artists are tasked to make a direct impact on the visitor experience by creating an entirely new piece to be displayed in the Museum。 Throughout the residency, artists prototype and evaluate their process to achieve the desired outcome。

Additional information and application information can be found at .



Miranda Miller and Lumi Barron



Robert Zacharias


Danny Bracken
Rachel Buse
Ann Tarantino



Stephanie Ross

Chris Beauregard
Katie Ford
Scott Garner
Isla Hansen and Luke Loeffler

John Peña
Jeremy Boyle & 
Will Schlough




Anneka Herre
Ian Ingram
Matt Mets
Jennifer Van Winkle


David Butts
Rick Gribenas


F.I.N.E. Art Residency

Fresh - Innovative - Nonstop - Expression

The F。I。N。E。 Artist Residency series invites artists to exhibit their work and lead programs that introduce new and exciting art and art-making techniques to Museum visitors, staff and educators。 

Previous F.I.N.E. Artists:

O'Ryan McGowan-Arrowroot


Michael David Battle & Ada Rajkovic


Telma Schultz


Dalia Shevin
Zena Ruiz


Steffi Mayer-Staley

The Drift Crew 

Stacy Innerst
Bob Ziller

Tsawa Monks of Gaden Jangtse Monastery
Sister I’Asia
Kate Pfeil & Mark Barlow 

Wade Kramm
La Verne Kemp
Dick Esterle

Michael & Jade Corle
Sibel Deren Guler 


Ron Donoughe
John Miyazawa

Scott Andrew, Adam Atkinson, and
Mayumi Matsuo


Amy Johnson &
Cara Lynn Kleid
James Maszle

The F.I.N.E. Art Residency is supported by the Fine Foundation. Thank you!


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