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The Makeshop Show Episodes

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, we created The Makeshop Show to introduce our (then) new MAKESHOP exhibit and making activities to our audience. We created online content for the show to show off some really cool projects and makers through videos, blog posts, contests and interviews. Please enjoy these throwback videos from 2011 - 2014 - because creative DIY projects never go out of style!

Toughen up your jewelry game with these bracelets and necklaces you can make using odds and ends from the work bench

Molding chocolate into interesting shapes using this metal molding technique - without getting sand in your chocolate

It's a great time to brighten our homes with some growing plants and also do some seed starting for the garden. Here's a way to use simple household recyclables to create planters for growing herb and vegetables. And they water themselves!

If you have some wood at home, Chris Bandy of and his co-hosts, Asher and Eden, can lead you through an amazing project to make a really big musical instrument.  This project involves basic hand tools for woodworking, like saws. Ask an adult to teach you how to safely use tools as as you build together.

Don't throw your old tees away, upcycle them into a backpack, fringe bag or grocery bag. 

Make a unique cardboard cannon that can shoot spinning rings of liquid or gas across the room! 

We rolled out these instructions for creating pennant decorations for MAKSEHOP's first birthday - but they're awesome for any occasion.  

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